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If there isn't a good college in your town, you can always take a look at an online college. While online schools aren't for everyone or every field of study, they can be the right solution for quite a few students, especially students with family or job responsibilities.

College towns can be a great place to go to school and settle down in after graduation. Cities like Madison, Eugene, Austin and Portland OR come to mind. Many students have such a great experience living there, they decide to get a job and be with some of the friends they spent the last four years with.

Which career fields are good to get into these days? Computer science, information technology, law, specific business areas such as accounting, and healthcare are employment areas that are near the top of the list.

Accounting is still a great major. And accountants don't have to necessarily go into accounting. Many accounting graduates sit for the CPA exam, but then go into business consulting where they work with businesses of all types.

Law is still a popular field. The law field is populated mostly with lawyers, paralegals and administrative assistants. Law school is long and hard, becoming a legal secretary is much easier, but career advancement is limited, paralegals (or legal assistants) is somewhat in the middle of the two and is a popular career option.

Computer science, information technology, software, network management, pretty much any area of computer management is a good career field to get into. Although you can get started with a two-year associate's degree, it is recommended you enroll for a bachelor's degree program to really enjoy career options.

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